The National Union of Steam Engineers of America was founded in Chicago on December 7th, 1896. Ten of the eleven original founders came from the Stationary Field. In 1928, the name changed to “The International Union of Operating Engineers”, but the Steam Gauge logo you see is a tribute our early pioneers.

The IUOE now has over 400,000 members in good standing and is one of the largest trade labor Unions in the United States and Canada.

Local 1 represents the Stationary Engineers who work in operations and maintenance in building and industrial complexes throughout Colorado. Local 1 is part of the Western Region of the IUOE, which also includes Washington, California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming and Nevada.

Your right as an employee has been long fought for over the course of the rise of the United States. Industry helped frame our nation with hard working men and woman who weren’t afforded the rights to fair wages and labor laws that we have in place today. Maintaining those rights is the forefront of our work at Local 1, along with making sure that wages and benefits fall in line with the best of the best.

At Local 1, we put the common interest in front of self-interest. We understand we’re stronger together.